The Koi go Visiting

April 25, 2019

A few days ago I woke up to find the Koi pond empty and the koi near death – after an emergency filling (shown below) the question became – What do we do now?  Nop was all for putting them in a pond at the new house – but it’s just a mud hole right now so I didn’t like that.  We called our Doi Sacket neighbor – her pond had koi-eating fish in it so that was out but she knew of a koi pond nearby.  So we scrounged all the trash cans and bins we could find and hustled the koi into the Jazz – some had to share accomodation but it was better than a leaky pond.

When we got to their new home , the pond was a green that would make St. Patrick proud – but we had been warned and we brought along the home-made filter from the defunct pond – two 5 gallon buckets, some volcanic rock and pillow stuffing.   Well, it worked quite well – and I’m happy to say the pond isn’t so green – the fish don’t mind really – unless the algae used up all the oxygen – then they complain.

So now if I want Koi viewing, I must make a 20 minute trip – which used to be 10 minutes but there is road construction now.  Koi are supposed to bring good luck – one reason people keep them – but these have not been very lucky koi.




The First Resident

April 14, 2019

Unfortunately, even though Thailand is a Buddhist country and we believe in rebirth some of us still aren’t treated well.  Some Thais cage or tie their dogs – an unhealthy practice but it happens   ฝุ่น (that’s our dog’s name in Thai)  – Foon in the Roman alphabet – came with the Summer weather – heat (over 100 F) and pollution – so his name means dust.  He also came with a collar of sorts and a piece of chain – clearly an escapee and he wasn’t going back.  The neighbor tried to give him a home but her brood – all three dogs weren’t in an accepting mood so he stays in my woodshop (whenever I move in he has to go somewhere else!)

He’s clearly not young but neither am I so we must be made for each other  – he better get along with ducks though or he could be looking for a new home again.  Often, the temples are the dumping ground for unwanted animals when they are not being used as parking lots (they have to make money some way to feed all those dogs.)

Temple dogs are always upity barking at everyone who just wants a quiet moment – so I don’t see that for ฝุ่น –  he better learn to like ducks – maybe I can get some watch geese for the ducks – they would take on an old dog.




The English language newspaper the Nation printed the following quote from the national park department

“… many villagers in the North believe that delicious forest produce, such as hed thob or the hygroscopic earthstar fungus, is best grown in a hot environment, so they try to speed up the growth of these fungi by lighting fires. Also, he said, many fires stemmed from poachers leaving joss sticks tied to matches and returning the following day to pick up forest produce. This way they cannot be caught.

Hed is Thai for mushroom. Pray for rain.


Pray for Rain

March 22, 2019

PM2Here in Chiangmai we have the unwanted distinction of being one of the most polluted cities in the world – the city it spraying water trying to wash out the dirt – I think a better idea was on a TED talk – the particles are so dark they make perfect ink – so in India that’s what they are trying to do.


The Great Wall

March 9, 2019

When I bought this land I was hoping to live in a more natural area – but this is what I’ve got.                                                                dav

Now that I’ve committed to living here full-time – guess what.  


national February 13, 2019 01:00

By Chularat Saengpassa

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Sky in northern capital turns brownish as Air Quality Index gives it ‘unhealthy’ reading.

CHIANG MAI yesterday ranked third on the global list of cities with worst air pollution, based on Air Quality Index (AQI) records, by an internationally recognised AirVisual platform.

Chiang Mai’s AQI scores stood at 194 as of press time, a level considered “unhealthy”. Any figure beyond 200 is very unhealthy. Across the world, Chiang Mai’s severe air pollution was just behind the Indian capital of New Delhi (AQI 215) and Pakistan’s Lahore (AQI 197). AirVisual prides itself for making the world’s largest air-quality data available at one’s fingertips.

In Thailand, Chiang Mai is one of many provinces in the North struggling with smog, including Lampang, Phrae, Lamphun and Nan.

Norm studies the Vedas

February 13, 2019

man holding leaves

Photo by Artem Bali on Pexels.com

I’m taking a course on Hinduism thru its scriptures.  It’s quite interesting really.  I’m learning words like veda, upanishads, Brahmin, puranas and ramayana.  There are readings, photos and videos as part of the course.  The videos are the most revealing, except for cartoons for children they seem universally overdone.  Bollywood comes to mind although some videos are from the 1940’s.

The most disturbing was a video of a young girl, about 5 years old, so adorned with bracelets, necklaces and nose rings I was surprised she could stand let alone dance.  I thought it a terrible burden to load onto someone so young but we do that in the West too – preparing the young to appear on Donald Trump produced beauty pagents.

At least the young Indian dancer was performing a sacred song and dance – the effect should have been angelic but the result was erotic.  Some of the sacred poems were also erotic – love poems to a God.  One poetess was accused by her husband’s family of neglecting him to pursue her devotion to Krishna, or was it Shiva?   – too much to learn to I forget